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I’m Emily Ryan, a virtual assistant for your business, startup or non-profit (and I happen to love the word “awesome”).

I have one simple mission: to make YOUR life easier.

These days, we work “in the cloud,” making work as a virtual assistance a natural solution for many business owners. 
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When my top 3 endorsements on LinkedIn are social media, Facebook and blogging, I knew I had to take my passion for all things “online” to the next level. So, I turned my passion into my dream business.
Emily Ryan | Social Media Manager


You know you have to do it and you wish you had more time to manage and grow it. Social media and e-mail marketing has become a VITAL part of your business, but it’s incredibly time-consuming.  You often wish you had a little bit more administrative support to grow your business online.

That’s what I’m here for – to get you up and running with an online presence you can be proud of and then keep it going!

In late 2015, after 11 years working in NYC, I moved on from my work with a great non-profit startup and relocated with my family to Lake Tahoe where I began working on my dream “VA” or “Virtual Assistant” business – helping small businesses and soloentrepreneurs realize the enormous reach they can have with social media and email marketing – or even just a simple tweet. This led to extensive work as a Virtual Assistant too. 

For the last four years, I tweeted, blogged, WordPress-ed, Instagrammed, Facebooked, YouTubed, Vimeod, pinned, commented and more for a fast-paced startup in NYC. I also managed my own site – and developed numerous online video tutorials (like this one) to help others get the most of their online platforms. I also spent a good deal of time at work handling logistics (see here!) and various administrative tasks (give me Excel, some rough data – and a cup of coffee – and I am a happy gal!).

After many years in the fast-paced office culture of a NYC startup and from working as an Executive Assistant to a CEO at a hedge fund and an administrative and personal assistant, I have had my hands in nearly every part of the “back-end” of a business and I’m here to help you.

With reasonable hourly and monthly packages, I can help you grow your online presence, along with your brand and keep your feeds up-to-date with great content. Or I can pitch in to help you get organized and get on track, taking a load of administrative work off your plate.

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